The Postal Service is currently hiring.  There are MANY different positions available.  There is NO experience required, paid training is provided for all job openings.  The job openings range in starting salary from $13.76 to $28.91/hour.  Postal Service employment also includes good working conditions, GREAT job security and career advancement. 

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The Postal Service is the largest government related agency in terms of employees, currently employing nearly 1 Million people.  There are retail locations, mail distribution centers and Postal hubs within the Postal Service's operations.  The Postal Service is currently hiring and there are MANY different positions available.  The Postal Service has excellent and challenging employment opportunities.  Postal Service employment includes great pay, good working conditions, career advancement, and job security that can lead to a lifetime career.  To qualify for employment, you must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen.


The Postal Service currently employs nearly 1 Million people.  There are many employment opportunities with the Postal Service from entry level to management.  Certain career fields exist in most or all of its departments.  These fields are usually administrative, office and clerical in nature, such as accountant, administrative assistant, auditor, clerk, typist, staff assistant, secretary, etc. To allow a better understanding of the Postal Service, the following list will give a brief description of some of the career fields that make up the Postal Service.  

  • Carrier/Rural Carrier – This position is responsible for carrying the mail and delivering it to its final destination.  
  • Clerk - Clerks are the individuals that always work at the counter in the post office.  They are also responsible for taking incoming mail, sorting and distributing the mail.  This position provides customer service to the general public.   
  • Clerk Typist - This position handles most of the clerical duties in the post office.  They are  responsible for handling and managing records and documents. They are also responsible for light accounting and bookkeeping tasks.
  • Data Conversion Operator - Data Conversion Operators use a computer terminal to prepare mail for automated sorting equipment through data entry. 
  • Distribution Clerk - This position involves the sorting of the mail by using machines that sort by zip codes and keys to make sure of the proper routing and to ensure the correct delivery of the mail. 
  • Mark Up Clerk - Mark Up Clerks handle all address changes and labeling of the mail.  Generally speaking, this position is responsible for making sure that all mail reaches the right location. 
  • Mail Processor/Mail Handler - These positions do precisely what their names suggest.  Mail Handlers generally work on the dock at the post office and are responsible for shipping and receiving mail and forwarding the mail for its next destination.  Mail Processors basically sort the mail.
  • Motor Vehicle Operator - Motor Vehicle Operators operate motor vehicles and perform related work.  This position requires a safe driving record and the ability to drive properly.
  • Sales & Marketing - The Postal Service has sales and marketing teams that deal with commercial customers.  These positions deal with commercial Postal Service customers in attempting to handle both small and large scale businesses and their mailing needs. 
  • Flat Sorting Machine Operator - A flat sorting machine operator is responsible for the operation of a machine that sorts large pieces of mail that are referred to as "flats".
  • Tractor Trailer Operator (Truck Driver) - This position operates a tractor trailer and entails picking up and transporting large amounts of mail at different postal service facilities.
  • Equipment/Maintenance Mechanic - These positions require that you make certain that all equipment is in working order and keep track of the repair records on most of the machines in the postal facility. 
  • Building Maintenance - These positions perform troubleshooting duties and a variety of maintenance work throughout the building.
  • Automotive Mechanic - The Postal Service owns and operates one of the largest vehicle fleets in the country.  These vehicles require maintenance and repair and this position provides that service.  This position requires the knowledge of various automotive parts and repair procedures.
  • Electronic Technician - This position carries out testing and troubleshooting of various solid state electronic equipment.

Hiring may depend on your qualifications and/or the job requirements, which may include passing a civil service examination and/or other screening procedures. Labor Services is a private employment service that offers assistance in gaining employment and is not affiliated with the United States Government.  Labor Services offers a package that gives you the most current list of postal service jobs in your geographic area, sample civil service exams (including answers), a government employment application, a list of salary gradings for all positions, full access to job counseling and other hiring information.  You will receive these materials, information and services for a one-time fee of $38 plus s&h.  If there are no jobs currently available in your geographic area (defined as within 30 miles of your zip code), you are entitled to a full and immediate refund upon return of the materials.  If you choose to keep the materials, but don't receive employment from the Government within 90 days, you will be entitled to a complete, full refund PLUS $50.